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Phantom Dreams by T.K. Harris

A serial killer with a long-held vendetta. A jaded FBI agent tired of chasing monsters. A woman tormented by nightmares.

After years spent chasing serial killers, FBI Special Agent Jack Matthews is thinking it’s time to get out. Still healing from a gunshot wound to his leg, the fact that his fiancée had decided to walk out and under investigation for his last case, it is all Jack can do to keep his temper in check. Now, a new serial killer has emerged and, despite all the obstacles he faces – including himself, Jack is unable to say no. Kathy Gilliam leads a seemingly normal life. Aside from her fear of crowds and having to take care of her ailing father, Kathy is mostly content. But things are about to change in ways she never could have imagined when her nightmares of women dying, begin to spill into her everyday life. Soon, Kathy finds herself questioning her own sanity.

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The Gillespie Five by T.K. Harris (Book 1 of the “42” Series)

A senator groomed to be president. And FBI agent out for revenge. And an agenda that brings them both together. Take down all hackers.

After a year of careful planning, and with the aid of an anonymous group of businessmen, Senator Mitchell Gillespie and FBI Agent Greg Barrett’s project is launched. Within months, the trap they set, nets its first haul and the signal is given to take action. On that night, eighteen-year-old Thomas (Tommy) Moore, a white hat hacker in training, disappears from his dorm room without a trace. Three others are taken as well. They all awaken to find themselves transported to an underground facility and accused of treason. As the interrogations begin, their families struggle to find out what happened to them. With his nephew missing and his distraught brother’s strange tale of possible FBI abduction, NCCIC Agent, Alex Moore, quickly finds himself plunging down a rabbit hole in search of the truth.

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A Few Good Psychopaths by T.K. Harris

Serial Killers, psychopaths, suspense/thrillers and even a few laughs.

Read stories previously published in popular magazines and others that have never published before.

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The Author

T.K. has been writing since childhood and, through the years, has had several short stories published by various magazines, including one in Woman’s World.  T.K. now writes novels, publishing in several genres.

Currently living and working in Colorado, T.K. loves traveling and all things outdoors, unless it’s cold…

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